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3SR Theme

 3SR stands for science, self, spirituality and results respectively. Science refers to all the knowledge you have gained since childhood, Self refers to your inter personal relationships and spirituality refers to a sense of connection to something bigger than yourself. The combination of these three leads to results. 3SR Consultancy helps you to obtain these results in an efficient manner as a Leader. 


Our Solutions

We provide solutions based on the concept of IQ-EQ- SQ (Intelligent Quotient- Emotional Quotient-Spiritual Quotient) as critical elements for a successful human being by keeping a balance in all of them. Through coaching and facilitating methods experiential and life skills learning are available in any of the focused areas with the desired learning outcome and performance results on impact and effectiveness.

3SR Consultancy offers solutions for Private corporate employees and leaders; public sector managers and leaders; college students and teachers; CSR volunteers; NGO employees.


Our Approach

We are a team with passion and vision, dwelling on making learning experiences effective and innovative. We rise beyond one-size-fits-all attitude, bringing expertise and experience to our clients for the results they desire Our unique learning offerings are in the space of innovation, Leadership and Culture thru customized design and creative delivery methods like Theater. We reach out to Corporates, Educational Institutions and Entrepreneurs.

We have 300+ structured workshop modules / Learning Programs ready to be implemented,  from which one can choose the framework required for skill development and career planning. 

Our Services


C2C (Campus to Corporate)

EDP (Entrepreneurship Development Program)

CCC (Customized Corporate Competency)

C2C program prepares college students with personality development for campus to corporate journey. 3SRC Mentors help in boosting the career of students fulfilling the expectation gaps of the industry

C2C for MBA & BBA program aims at helping understand the knowledge skills and abilities required to effectively nurture Business leaders in various semesters

C2C for Engineers program aims at Values, Life Skills, Leadership, Practice, Technology Application, for Engineers during there 4 years of college.

FDP (Faculty Development Program) aims at enabling the Faculty for innovation and Entrepreneurial skills for supporting the students in their journey


CCC (Customized Corporate Competency)

EDP (Entrepreneurship Development Program)

CCC (Customized Corporate Competency)

CCC (Customized Corporate Competency) development workshops are offered in India & Abroad. These workshops and learning programs are designed based on the organization HR and business strategy. These services involve learning need Analysis in discussion with leaders. Human technology and passion are keys for any growing organization. Inculcating these values in each member and be aligned with organization business goals is critical for successful results, employee engagement and recruiting fresh talent. PMSquare program partners with Project & Program Managers with its creative practices and tools to develop the untapped potential. Tech Leads program focuses on developing the people and managerial competencies in Engineering / Technical Leaders


EDP (Entrepreneurship Development Program)

EDP (Entrepreneurship Development Program)

EDP (Entrepreneurship Development Program)

Entrepreneurship capability development in urban and rural areas for various states, thru Skill India initiative. Startup Accelerator for facilitating and guiding to succeed or fail fast for mitigating the risk or scalability to be built in the innovation. The range of Entrepreneurs starts from Students, House Wife's, Farmers, Faculty members, Defense personnel's & seasoned Entrepreneurs of MSME. & Startups. Motivating the entrepreneurial spirit and sensitizing them of the Eco system and opportunity identification by ideation process. Orienting for Business & Market Project Reports to be prepared for accessibility to Venture capitalists and Banks for financing.

Learning Themes of our Services



- iiT-VC – ideation & innovation for Technological Value Creation

- Mirror your BRAiN for developing Creativity & Design Thinking (discovery - ideation – conceptualization – evolution)

- Cultural Change Management for innovation



- Symphony of Leaders for Growth

- Symphony of Ownership for Results

- Eagle Hi Flyers – leveraging Potential

- Business / Functional / Transformational / Enterprise Leaders / CxOs


Soft Skills

- Art of Win-Win [Negotiations / Conversations] / Art of Facilitation

- Winning Teams for Success / Art of interactive dynamics & Emotional intelligence

- Building Bridges of [Culture / Managerial / People / Execution] Excellence

Innovative Learning Methods



It is not about creating actors, but about giving people skills for life and business. Taking improvisation techniques from theater and applying them within a business setting allows one to explore a wide range of issues. Enhancing team Collaboration & Creativity thru theater can be a great way to allow teams to relax, change group dynamics and have fun. Storytelling offers techniques to deliver stories and information in a variety of ways that captivate and charm audience as a Public speaker. Change Management thru creative & interactive plays helps explore what happens when things go wrong and how to put them right in a safe environment.


Digital Academy

An on-line learning platform that is integrated with the course delivery methodology. This platform is available on various devices: mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop.

The platform provides Memory map of topics, Quizzes, Assignment Submissions, Communicate schedules, results and other updates, Discussions, Surveys, Course Reviews, Reference Material: Pointers to relevant external content


Flexible Design

We have a vast repository of modules and we design/customize our programs to suit specific customer needs.

Offering Highlights


Value Adds

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Business
  • English/Hindi/Foreign Language
  • Graded Modules (Basic/Intermediate/Advanced)

Coaching (IDP)

  • Ideation
  • Performance
  • Leadership
  • Competency
  • Role clarity

Digital Academy

  • Learning Engagement
  • Online Access – Anytime Anywhere
  • Learning Nuggets / Videos
  • Assessments
  • Assignment Submissions
  • Quizzes
  • Progress tracking

Assessment Center

  • Personality
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Trust index
  • Competency

 3SR Consultancy also works on various social responsibility programs in Delhi/NCR. 3SR Consultancy is one of the corporate social companies. The focused areas for CSR activities are for village schools..…     

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