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In this newsletter, read our exclusive conversation with Shailesh, CEO, 3SR Consultancy, wherein he talks about how address common challenges faced by MSME and Startups. Also, a recap of happening of the year 2019. From this edition of Newsletter, we also start bringing you some articles on contemporary topics. This edition contains one article authored by 3SRC and another curated from internet.

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Re-Set – Retrospect – Re-Start


Before continuig the journey ahead in 2020, it is good to retrospect on achievements and learnings during 2019. It helps in leading an enterprising happy life balancing on IQ-EQ-SQ (3SR).

3SRC team grew in 2019 from a Young Start-up to a maturing MSME with strengthening partnership capabilities. The thought leadership has given new ideas to strengthen our Services 2.0 (for Corporates and Colleges) with DX Academy for Services 3.0 of गतिमान (Gatiman) Business for MSME.

Experience from Shailesh

Cool weather of Jhansi in October 2018, as me and Rahul stepped out to experience the land of many transformations in Indian History by Jhansi ki Rani & Dhyan chand, little we knew that we are on the journey of creating another history. We all were sipping “nibbu pani” and gazing the Sun from a beautiful outhouse of Mukesh and this is how the 3SRC team grew in 2019 from a Young Start-up to a maturing MSME with strengthening partnership capabilities. How conversations can lead to Co-creation of thought Leadership giving new ideas to strengthen our Services 2.0 with Dx Academy for Corporates and colleges and 3.0 Services with Gatiman Business for MSME. 

Experience from Rahul

Technology and Execution Excellence can make a great difference is what has been my passion in last 3 decades. How the same led to Creating new offerings leveraging digital platforms over the fort night started making a difference to the user community by accessing anytime anywhere with device agnostic way. 

Experience from Mukesh

Reunion of friends became a great partnership to start a Strategic journey on Business value adds which can be in form of Experience sharing and leveraging the Best Practices prevailing in the industry. Our intense discussion after years to build up a knowledge sharing business to help organizations to groom their in-house talent to the challenging requirements of the industry. Besides this we have also evolved a methodology by which we may groom the students to fit into organization from day one. That is how our C2C and Career Nourishers model evolved. For strategy fixing, I always focus on customer requirements first. The best strategy is always straight. Our experience and vision is the most valuable assets for our New MSME venture as we bring in 100+ years of Corporate and Business experience all together for our client Leadership Team.

A look back at the year gone by

गतिमान (Gatiman) Business

गतिमान (Gatiman) Business

गतिमान (Gatiman) Business


गतिमान (Gatiman) Business stepped up to be in the shoes of Strategic Advisors & Execution partners for MSME in various initiatives of Business-People-Technology-Process & its Eco-system in 2019.

Campus to Corporate (C2C)

गतिमान (Gatiman) Business

गतिमान (Gatiman) Business


The C2C journey of Campus Life started impacting UG & PG students by touching them early in their academic curriculum.


गतिमान (Gatiman) Business



JUGNU Open Workshops in NCR Co-working spaces & schools saw a new spur of opportunities to explore with Start-ups and Customers on Design Thinking and its process of nurturing ideas.


Entrepreneurship Development



CCC Global Corporate Trainings took its learning’s to innovate more on new methods of delivery and new ways of joining hands with Training Organisations.

Faculty Development (FDP)

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development


FDP program created new success stories for facilitation and learning leadership skills of senior faculty members.

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development


EDP programs gathered new accolades for developing skills in Leadership & Entrepreneurship.

Career Nourishers

New Industry Verticals

New Industry Verticals


Career Nourishers in its infancy stage started unfurling new avenues in tier-2 & 3 cities of Northern India for career development and guidance.

New Industry Verticals

New Industry Verticals

New Industry Verticals


New industry verticals addressed in 2019 added diversity of Learning practices in Healthcare, Automotive components & Sustainable development.

Earned Recognition

New Industry Verticals

Earned Recognition


3SRC was awarded for Social Innovation in Training and Development at India's Business Conclave 2019 at Lucknow.

In conversation


Strategy to address common challenges faced by MSME & Startups – conversation with Shailesh

Continuing the journey ahead in 2020, the Government-Business-Society associations have to work very closely on many initiatives already rolled out in India to create a Growth Story over next 4 years.

Walking with your Guru, one needs to build their own stepping stones of learnings from success and failures. We are poised to add value with our Vision of impacting the GDP of India by growing MSME's and Startups. The required leadership to grow the enterprise in the global competition is going to help boost the Economic reforms required. While focusing on the organised sector, there are possibilities to impact the unorganized sector of economy also.

What are you doing in 2020 for your Products/Services/Organisation on innovativeness?

Some answers to reflect & restart your Growth Journey: Leveraging the Innovative Business Models and leveraging the Blue Ocean Strategy, Skill and Creativity boosted with latest Technology advancements and ideation journey for adding value to all segments of Business, intelligent Operational efficiency and Revenue Growth by Branding and leveraging Market Potential for unexplored avenues.

How have you built scalability in your enterprise offerings?

MSME in India are currently in Matured or End of Life of their products or services. This segment of industry is going to Grow from 29% to 50% in next 5 years. MSME is the biggest employer of India and needs upskilling and cross skilling to make it relevant to Technology advancements happening globally. 3SRC iiT-VC Framework addresses the need of How to do innovation in any business vertical (Not just Jugaad) in Indian context or Eco System.

How your enterprise promotes inclusivity in society & diversity within your enterprise?

All segments of Society need to be included in New India Vision where skillset required for Industry 4.0 needs a boost. Farmers, Housewives, Students, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, defence professionals etc have to be included in the skill framework. Culture, Experience, Education and Role diversity also need to be taken care to break the barriers of understanding, trust and collaboration.

How does one keep learning on topics related to entrepreneurship?


3SRC offers a complimentary on-line course on Entrepreneurship Development. It is a self-paced learning program. One can join it by registering on 3SRC Digital Academy at following address:


Article - Wisdom generates sustainable Wealth

I sometimes wonder how on earth people with phenomenal vision and outstanding capabilities, building exceptional businesses, get wrecked through their very own blunders and missteps.

  • Recent instance of Zee Entertainment creator, the legendary Subhash Chandra, who had to secede his control of his baby, which he created and nurtured since its beginning. Single handedly, he transformed the way Indians entertain themselves through televisions. While he entertained one and all, he could not keep entertaining himself!
  • Think about the way Indians fly. The bench-marking of quality and service in the airlines was changed by one man – Vijay Malia. He is now fighting hard to fly away from being imprisoned
  • Naresh Goyal, through his airlines Jet Airways, changed forever how the Indian carriers need to function – punctuality with professionalism. His company is now bankrupt, failing to exploit the market he himself created
  • The man who taught Indians to enjoy their cup of coffee, could not enjoy his life – VG Siddhartha of Coffee Café Day had to end his life untimely
  • Hari Sankaran of IL&FS, who innovated infrastructure funding business structure in India, got entrapped in the hubris created by his own brilliant mind.
  • Yes Bank’s Rana Kapoor, who created a great institution almost from a scratch, ending up getting shunned by the country’s central bank, being highly dissatisfied with his actions on inappropriate lending practices.

There are many instances of such brilliant creators failing to continue to capitalise on their wisdom.  

These were all brilliant CXOs. They envisioned a plan, ran around to garner resources, invested extraordinary efforts to carry out their intended goals and marketed their products and services with unrivalled zeal. But, yet they failed – miserably, in most cases. 

The big question is: Why? What could have gone wrong?

The reasons could be many.

But would you believe that in most of the cases, market condition was not the sole reason of the business failures. There were two simple reasons, which made the invulnerable, flounder.

“Death trap of DEBT” and “Unethical behaviours”

Have you ever heard of an ethical company not lasting long? Perhaps not.

Most infallibles fall on two simple stumbling blocks – excessive-borrowings and immorality. Believe it or not, these can be disentangled with some care and caution for sustainable Business Growth with industry honest practices.

Beware - debt and ethics cannot be taken lightly anymore in this changing world of business.


News Article: 7 Commandments of Digital Transformation by CI


by Rahul

Constant innovation and change management - the success mantra for digital transformation. 

  • World economy will triple from the current $80 Trillion to $240 Trillion in 30 years. 
  • India will quadruple its wealth by 2035. Every industry will transform and digital transformation would play a major role in the same.
  • India today consumes more data per user than any other country. 
  • Aadhar and UPI reached billion users in 5 and 3 years respectively

Digital Transformation Excellence Model DXcel is a unique tool, which will allow a broader participation and evaluation of companies to reveal where they are in their digital transformation journey.


Curated Article


How to get Organization Redesign Strategy Execution Right? - people matters

With companies today finding themselves in a need to adopt new business strategies to survive, we take a look at some factors which ensure its success:

  • Align the organizational structure to the formulated strategy to achieve effective implementation 
  • Align people for execution 
  • A company needs to have the 'right' culture for its chosen strategy

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“Life is all about moments, create them in 2020. Magic is believing in yourself, creating a moment of astonishment every day! Keep believing and enjoying as you progress in the Year ahead.”

Best Wishes for festivities all around with family, friends & the society around you….Jai Hind ”

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