Mirror your BRAiN for engineers



This Program will help participants learn some important techniques for developing Problem Solving skills, improving Root Cause Analysis, practicing Creative Skills for solving engineering problems and making critical technical decisions

  • Engineers with the technological skills when complemented with Critical Thinking, Analytical & Problem Solving creative skills can become successful Analysts and Consultants
  • Innovative Mindset constitutes of Problem Solving, Creative thinking, Trusted Collaboration and execution excellence for Achieving Product and Service different goals required by customers and stakeholders
  • To develop the team in these Analytical and business intelligence growing demands, following modules give the boost to the individuals in Analyzing and diagnosing the problems with alternate approaches & Tools 


3 Modules with Role Plays and Case studies customized to an Industry Domain eg: Enterprise Infrastructure Management, Aerospace, Automotive, Telecom, Mechanical, Manufacturing, etc.

  • M1: Orientation for improving Collaboration for Trouble shooting
  • M2: Critical & Analytical Thinking with Tool usage Demystified for Problem Solving
  • M3: iiT-VC Workshop – Practicing ideation & innovation for Technological Value Creation
  • Pre & Post Assessment
  • Learning Strategy Discussions
  • Team Review Projects & presentation to Panel
  • Certification & Buddies identified for the journey ahead

10 weeks Learning Program – 50 Learning Hours/participant 


Energized Individuals & cross functional collaboration, RCA for 2 Live Problem Statements, Value creation 102 ideas generated, Role based 3 Work Groups Goal setting, 6 Problem areas being identified for proactive Solutions