Symphony of Leaders - workshop for senior leaders



This Workshop was designed for VUCA environment (volatile, uncertainty, complex and ambiguous) for Cross functional senior leaders from finance.

  • In today’s business environment the expectation placed on leaders to meet one's deliverables, in a virtual mode, is constantly increasing.
  • To combat, one needs to work in a collaborative mode across teams and geographies.
  • Further a leader cannot be a specialist in all fields to guide everyone so the teams should have complimenting skills and specialization working collaboratively to achieve the goals.   


  • Innovative Enterprising Leadership constitutes of Collaboration, Achieving Shareholder Goals and Develop your teams as Admirable Coaches.
  • To create an environment of Trust, Flexibility and Positive Mind-set for the Runway, it is important to build on the Strengths of the Leaders as Musicians of the Symphony. 
  • 8 hours Workshop was designed with Theater and high energy participation. 
  • 35 Senior Leaders participated in a Green Resort in NCR


 “Through a theater workshop over few hours the message was brought out very nicely to the senior leadership and the video was reinforcing the message so nicely. Thanks to the training team for putting together this wonderful program” – Functional Head