Entrepreneurship Developmnent Program


Entrepreneurship Development

EDP sessions conducted on regular basis. The range of Entrepreneurs starts from Students, House Wife's, Farmers, Faculty members, Defense personnel's & seasoned Entrepreneurs of MSME. & Startups.

  • Entrepreneurship capability development in urban and rural areas for various states, thru Skill India initiative.
  • Startup Accelerator for facilitating and guiding to succeed or fail fast for mitigating the risk or scalability to be built in the innovation. 
  • Motivating the entrepreneurial spirit and sensitizing them of the Eco system and opportunity identification by ideation process.
  • Orienting for Business & Market Project Reports to be prepared for accessibility to Venture capitalists and Banks for financing. 

Areas Covered

Developing Achievement Motivation


Recognize and reflect on the motivation skills for Self, Team and Organization. How the same can be leveraged by Entrepreneurs in starting and running an enterprise of MSME/Startup

Ideation Workshop


Helps develop Problem Solving skills, improving Customer satisfaction in Work or Business, Staying relevant in Product's/Service, Failing fast saving investment, Winning confidence of your Stakeholders internally and externally

Project Selection


How to identify the Best idea for Business opportunity. Recognizing various techniques to identify a Problem and find Solutions with a Creative approach. 

Business Planning


Appreciating all parameters of a Business Plan and preparing a Market Research and Report for the Business idea being pursued as an Entrepreneur. 

Symphony of Ownership


Focusing on our inner self on Owning things and tasks can make a difference in any Business or Life

New Product Development


 Developing ideas into new products 


Additional Information

  • “very much pleased to hear that heavy wazandar voice of yours.. the VISA interview you took for me...still reckons in my mind and how it changed my view towards business wins has helped me tremendously....” – Mentorship to a Bilingual Engineer
  • “Do listen this thought leader, An experienced leader with a solution minded approach, knows how to make leaders..” – Mentor & Coach
  • “A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience's attention, then he can teach his lesson.” – Entrepreneur in UP
  • “Now this is the real art! Some try shouting at the top of their voices fail to do so. While there are others who with their intellectual talk...don't have to shout aloud. Others keep quiet to listen to them” – Entrepreneur in Uttrakhand