Empowerment through debate

When competent and passionate people work together anywhere – be it in a sports team or a corporate boardroom – then different ideas are bound to come up with difference of opinions. Being able to communicate one’s point of view with conviction, yet with respect, is one of the greatest hallmarks of an educated mind.

Benefits of the art of debating

Most obviously, it imparts the confidence to be able to put forward one’s opinion in an assertive way (Not my way or Highway)

  • One is required to show how data, facts & examples support one’s arguments. This way, it enhances the intelligence in the students to use an information for presenting the idea
  • This also enhances logical analysis skills in a student and this is sure to help in studies as the student learns how to understand a concept and not just memorize a fact.

 Considering the above points, debate competition empowers the participants.

The Competition and format

The debate competition was divided into three rounds:

  1. Speech round: Here every student was required to speak for two minutes and put forward the arguments in favor or against the motion
  2. Cross questioning round: Where participants questioned their opponents on the arguments presented in round – 1
  3. Audience round: Audience were allowed to ask questions to participants or Teams

 One month before the competition, preparation was started in all the participating schools. Students were provided guidance and some study material to prepare for the debate.

”When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you Listen, you may Learn something new” Dalai Lama

The results and way forward:

The Topics of Debates were:

  • Mobile Phones are harmful for Children
  • Life in villages is better than in cities

It was good to see so many happy faces on the days of the competitions & students coming out with flying colors doing much more that anyone’s expectations. The students were from Gijjor, Hoshiyarpur & Nithari villages in Noida. School from Hoshiyarpur village won the first debate and the school from Nithari won the second one. All the students, however, had emerged more able and more confident after the competition.

 How wonderful it would be, if students from these schools, in some time, are empowered to debate with students of big famous schools in urban centers!

 It will be a very proud moment indeed for the                                society

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Co-Authored by Consultant: Vishnu

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