Mirror your BRAiN

                                 Yes you are reading it right…… >


                                        <…… can you see the same in a mirror ?

Medical Science in its progressive effort has really advanced in giving us 3 dimensional views of our brain, explaining the Left half and the Right half of the Brain…!

As we grow as Engineers and Scientist, we enrich our left brain with knowledge and activate the neurons required to bring in Logical Thinking. Artist & Musicians have progressively been building on the strengths of the right brain for their creative avenues. For the time being let us keep the genius and inventions in a different box of understanding to build the concept of Technological Innovations.

It is very common to see the advances in Machine & Artificial intelligence, Expert systems and Robotics taking a leap from jump to help in all spheres of our daily life. Have we stopped our self to think creatively and making these machines as our masters OR are we still progressive to be the creator & the master of these Robots. Let us pause to reflect and introspect in the journey of processes and standards.

Here are the top 5 suggestive areas to use as tips for your areas of expertise and Industry to leverage your BRAiN Power or its potential, balancing the logical and creative avenues thru Design Thinking:

  1. B – Be Curious – at an incredible rate a young child’s mind is absorbing things like a sponge. As we grow towards college and becoming a professional, intrinsic motivators are slowly replaced by extrinsic parameters (eg: grades, awards, punishment, recognition..). Researchers say “Curiosity may put the brain in a state that allows it to learn and retain any kind of information” (Forbes article)
  2. R – Innovation is for eveRy-one and definitely …….. yoU – the myth around innovation is that it is the Job and is for Subject matter experts, Designers & my Seniors / Manager in an area of Technology / Domain. The mind power required to do invention vs innovation is different and is the secret sauce for everyone in any role to add value to the journey of Innovation.
  3. A – Being proActive – by definition, Self initiation in different situations instead of waiting and reacting to them. This brings in solution orientation for an aspired outcome/Goal, instead of problem mindset.
  4. i – Empathize with people and society around you – identifying and monitoring your own and others emotions to be a successful ideator – some competencies to consider (self management,  compelling communication, Good Listening, Empathy, Self motivation and resilience [bit.ly/ElList])
  5. N – Ask QuestioN’s – Powerful questions are the fundamental difference of a successful leader. Probing and interrogation could be different forms in different instances used as tools, while the overall concept of Open and Closed ended questions lead to an engaged and thinking mind.

These BRAiN techniques when tried in an IT research Business has yielded immense ideation culture and incubation of new & old ideas to add value to the products and solutions. BRAiN techniques also improvise strategic operational efficiency parameters of large businesses with the human intelligence coming in with mindset and skillset transformations.

The future of Innovation is in its simplicity and not complexity. Numerous examples of technology innovation from Apple, Adobe, Google, Facebook are in their simplicity…….! Whether the same is an end user housewife or a CXO, the ease of its simplicity makes a product interesting for Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, 

Engineers, Bureaucrats, Politicians……. here you go for another Selfeeeeee

Simple…… while you see your self in the Mirror…. please look your self from both sides……. Left and Right…

Yes the logic’s and the creative magic’s of your BRAiN is required to bring in the Out of Box or Lateral Thinking for Disruptive Innovation.

President of India and Prime Minister have given a Direction ………………….  Move forward & StartUP with the Young and diversified mindsets to come and collaborate for Global Innovation.

                               ……….JAI HIND………