Seeding Creative Skills

Seeding & Nurturing Creative skills through Theater

“Knowledge, without the creativity to apply it and the soft skills to communicate it, cannot be considered comprehensive in today’s world”

An education which does not help the student to be imaginative does not prepare him for the world where he will need to learn new things every day and apply his knowledge in many diverse ways. Such creative skillset is currently practiced in Public and private schools with parents who can afford the same, while the village school children fail to get similar opportunities to harness their hidden talent. With this motivation, a bunch of volunteers have been conducting a theater workshop in a school in Hoshiarpur village for students till class 8th.

Theater is one form of art which has many facades, capable of encapsulating so many different ways of expressions:

  • One requires conjuring up a story and then that story needs to be transformed into a performable script and an interesting screenplay.
  • Then whole lot of preparation goes into the process of enacting that story on the stage.
  • A director is required to steer and lead the entire process.
  • Finally actors perform this on the stage and the hard work of everyone involved gets presented for the audience to enjoy.
  • A more creative team can even include music, graphics and so many other things into it

It is this diversified nature of this art that makes it one of the most suitable medium, of nurturing the creativity of the students. A student can pick and choose any form he prefers and be a part of this activity.

While there is this art that gets nurtured, there are many indirect takeaways which children and adults takeaway from theatre:

  • Reading is another good habit, which can develop as an offshoot of doing theater
  • the confidence that a student gains, on getting an appreciation from a crowd cannot be overstated either
  • Confidence to be able to face a crowd and express himself/herself, in the most effective manner – which we all know that in today’s world, is one of the most important things to be successful in life
  • If a child can go onto a stage and perform in front of an audience, you can be sure that when the time comes, he will have the self-assurance to present himself effectively in the real world also
  • It is very necessary to impart this ability into children as early as possible because as we grow old, it becomes all the more difficult to get rid of our inhibitions

When we have a look at so many advantages that theater offers to a student, it seems rather disappointing that due to lack of opportunities, sometimes students are not even able to realize that they may have a flair for dramatics. If a person has never held a bat in his hand, how will he ever judge, if he has it in him to be able to be the next Tendulkar! Similarly, if a student does not step on the stage, he cannot know if he even has the talent to be on stage.

Every child is unique and instead of pushing into a “one design suits all” type of education, we need to cultivate and foster individual talent

But how can we possibly do it if we do not even give them a chance to explore whether they have a talent in them? Biggest hindrance in this is the lack of infrastructure. While many big schools in the metropolitan cities- with expensive fees structures – do provide their students an opportunity to explore various different talents, there still are many schools, which are not very resourceful and cannot afford to provide such facilities.

 The role of volunteering and pro bono work comes into play here. The pure and innocent love from children is something which cannot be expressed in words.

“This is not a one way street as we end up getting far more than we give”

This gives us an opportunity to reconnect with our passions, which we may have left behind in our daily routine life. So as you read this piece, look into mirror and answer this question –

Are you ready to come forward and share your hobbies with the children and get the love which you have never experienced?

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Authored by Consultant: Vishnu

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