Symphony of Leaders

Leaders as Musicians of Symphony

 “All the world is a Stage and each one of us (men and women) are players (performing our Roles)” – William Shakespeare

In creative arts like Music and today’s VUCA business environment (volatile, uncertainty, complex and ambiguous) the expectation placed on leaders to meet one’s deliverables, in a virtual mode, is constantly increasing. To combat, one needs to work in a collaborative mode across teams and geographies. Further a leader cannot be a specialist in all fields to guide everyone so the teams should have complimenting skills and specialization working collaboratively to achieve the goals. This is very similar to Symphony played by different musicians playing different instruments to create a touching music.

To practice the Leadership competencies and traits, theatre laboratory is very effective, where individual artists from various disciplines come together to form a collective intellectual force. They thus, collaborate to hone their individual tools, explore and experiment with form and content. The connect they establish with the stakeholders (audience), creates an engagement at intellectual level. The team working together as artist really engage well at an emotional level to bring the best from each one. The Leader here has to be an integral part of the symphony of Musicians, giving up his controlling position as director of their actions.

“Enterprise Leaders need to excel both as individual leaders as well as networked leaders who give and get across the broader peer and team network”

With the emphasis on Play schools and Sports in colleges, have taken a strong position in Corporates for brining the best Talent among the Leadership skills. Theatre Lab is knowing, researching, and challenging our own notions of human dilemmas – tinkering with the means of effective communication – affects our individual beliefs.

Un-Learn – Learn – Re-learn

Working as a writer, actor, designer and director, one can be hands-on with the entire creative process involved, moving from idea to script to performance. This Channelizes the creative energy for Learning and experiencing the Leadership value system, is a powerful method thru theatre & stage.

Which Leadership style are you following… check it out?

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